Ol’ St. Nick ain’t got nothin’ on this!

So I’ve REALLY been in the Christmas spirit. Well it is only a couple of day’s away. . but basically I am loving every moment! I have been playing Christmas music since the day after thanksgiving!

Any who, I’m having Christmas at my house this year and I wanted to spice things up a little bit. By spice I mean get my life together as a bigger better adult 😉

Rudolph Slippers!

Rudolph Slippers!

My boyfriend and I moved into our newest place back in August and have been making the place more of our home little by little but Christmas just takes it to the next level. Here are some “homey” images I wanted to share and a small picture frame project we worked on 🙂 The ornanments represent us by the way, can you guess which is mine? 😛

I love coziness and want everyone and anyone who steps foot into my house to feel that as well.

Frames :)

More gifts being bought today (maybe) and another shelf project coming soon. I am really unsure of what to decorate it with! ❤