Savor Southern Cooking 

Just the thought of this place makes my mouth water 😛 Luella’s Southern Kitchen, yea that’s the place. Located in Ravenswood, this gem has amazing music and even more amazing food. My friend and I were on the way to get BBQ (which I’m still dying for) when I suddenly had an urge for cornbread. I haven’t had cornbread or any kind of southern cooking since I left home years ago so this was SERIOUS. I remembered that I had been dying to visit this place and off we went!


The first thing I noticed on the menu was shrimp and grits and there was no way I was going with anything else. My friend ordered catfish and we decided on a side of cornbread together ❤ I’m glad we stopped there because I wanted to order the entire menu!


We received our food and I couldn’t have been more satisfied. For such a small size everything was extremely filling! I really enjoyed listening to the soul music and drinking the sweet tea 🙂 This is definitely a place I will be brining my entire family. ☺👌🏼

Taste: 5/5 ★★★★★

Presentation: 5/5 ★★★★★