God made you to love, so why hate?

God made you to love, so why hate? This morning I discovered something that filled my heart with anger and my mind with anxiety. Just saying the word anxiety makes me anxious. Now, I’m not the kind of person who is envious over others and wishes bad upon them but the thing I learned made me feel this way. I immediately prayed.

After prayer I sat on the side of my bed with my head down. I felt better but still anxious, mind running, overthinking the things that I didn’t want to think. So I meditated. After meditation I usually pray more. This helped and is why I started writing this blog.


The feeling of hate is consuming. It’s nasty, it’s ugly, and just down right bad. The feeling is so consuming that the person feeling it starts to become it and wear it on their skin. I feel bad for these people. Now I’m not saying that I’m better than anyone and that I never feel this but what I am saying is the moment I began to feel it I put it to a stop.

When I meditate, answers I am seeking begin to come to my head. In this specific situation I am told to LOVE. To just be myself and continue doing what I am doing (because really that’s all I can do). Of course thoughts begin running through my mind like, “but where should I be?” or, “what should I begin doing differently to get where I need to be?” BUT, I shut those thoughts out right away because I know that I am where I am supposed to be. You should too. It’s easier said than done but if you get anything out of this blog post it should be to leave tomorrows worries where they belong, in tomorrow. Anything happening today is what we need to concentrate on and live for because this moment will be the past tomorrow. We will never get to live in today ever again. Every decision we make, memory we enjoy, or chance to give love is today. I choose to not let anger, envy, or negativity influence my today. It is my choice to wish it and push it away as soon as it enters my space. Try it. With Love. Love conquers all.


As for the discovery I made this morning, all I can do is pray for others. Everyone deserves happiness and success.