You Are Not Alone

I had a dream. I went somewhere on vacation. The interaction with people was fun, and amazing, but then it was time to leave. I had to pack up my luggage and travel back home. I knew it was going to be a long trip so I was dreading it. I wanted to stay with the people there. I had to leave because I was already running late.


In order to get home I had to take a cruise ship, an airplane, then a rowboat. Yes, a rowboat. When I arrived at the rowboat my heart filled with fear. I knew there was a storm coming, not only had I heard about it, but I could see it. There I was standing on a small sand covered beach looking across a massive body of water. The waves were violently crashing against each other with almost a dark green looking color. Over the crashing waves I could see land, homes actually, maybe only about 10 miles from where I was standing. Again, I was alone. The people I anxiously rushed to travel back home with were gone. I don’t know where where they went but it was just me and the water.

I looked up at the sky. Large dark grey clouds filled with lightning, rumbling toward me. I looked down at my rowboat and knew there was no way I would make it. The distance wasn’t very far but I knew the boat wouldn’t stand a chance. It’s almost as if I remember looking back and saying to someone, “but I won’t make it…,” but no one was there…or maybe someone was. I stepped one foot into the boat and woke up.